Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Etsy Listings on the Way!

I just spent all of today making all of these beautiful pieces! It took forever, but the end result is definitely worth it! I will be listing all of these in the next few days on Etsy, so keep watching the store here if you would like to purchase one of these beautiful necklaces!!
Thanks again for all your support! I know Christmas time is a hard time for all the wives, sisters, and family of our men in the military if they aren't there. Lets show our support for them all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Treasury!!

I've been honored again!! This is the third time this week I have been posted in a treasury!! I was posted in bluejcrochet's treasury here! She loved my "I Love my Cadet" Necklaces! If you like them too then you can get them here!!

Jewelry and Gem Show!!

I went to the local Jewelry and Gem Show today! For all you prospective jewelers out there, this is a great place to get started, or if you are experienced, it is a great place to stock up on goodies!

I had such a great time arranging styles I liked and picking out Jewels and Gems for my collections! And everyone was super helpful and I got great deals on everything I wanted!

Look for some more great pieces coming out soon!!!

Here are some of the great pieces I was able to get ;)!

You know like they say, "A jewel in the hand is worth 100 in a bag!"

I love you all!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mrs. Claus Must be an Army Wife!

I stumbled across this awesome blog this afternoon Loving A Soldier and she had the great post up that I'd love to share with you all!

Mrs. Clause Must be a Military Spouse

Ten reasons we know.

by Candace Lindeman

(Yes, we know there's not an "E" on the end of Santa Claus, but given the military's penchant for "clauses" we enjoyed the humor! We hope you do, too.)

Faced with the prospect of spending another holiday alone, military wives might recognize a kindred spirit this Christmas season: Mrs. Clause. She must be a military wife! How do we know?

1. Mrs. Clause supports her spouse. Because she works tirelessly as part of "Team Clause the general public defines her by his job. We military wives realize, though, that she is so much more!

2. Mrs. Clause will move anywhere to be with Old St. Nick. This is perhaps the most convincing evidence. Who else but a military wife would follow her husband on assignment to the freezing North Pole?

3. Mrs. Clause makes the best of every situation. Her generous and kind spirit makes even the coldest of places warm and inviting. She could do wonders with post housing!

4. Mrs. Clause worries about her husband's dangerous job. When Santa is off flying around the globe, Mrs. Clause keeps her concerns and tears to herself. But we all know she has more than her fair share of gray hairs! Perhaps she has installed a Web cam on Santa's sleigh so she can see (if not actually hold) him on Christmas Eve.

5. Mrs. Clause keeps the home fires burning. Imagine her leading a family support group meeting for residents of the North Pole. In turn, she's surrounded by love and good will.

6. Mrs. Clause understands that the mission is first priority. Even when Santa is home, he is so busy at work that Mrs. Clause hardly sees him. Like all members of our special society of spouses, Mrs. Clause understands that, though she may be last on Santa's schedule, she is first in his heart.

7. Mrs. Clause is frugal. Santa's salary is not published, but I suspect Mrs. Clause clips coupons to support a household of hundreds of elves and eight reindeer (plus the newest addition, Rudolph). Let's not even start on her heating bill!

8. Mrs. Clause knows how to keep her mind occupied. To stay busy, Mrs. Clause pitches in with the toy making (although it really is someone else's job), bakes hundreds of cookies (we all know how Santa feels about cookies) and volunteers her time (she is just as generous as her husband).

9. Mrs. Clause is underemployed. To take her mind off of her husband's safety (and to help with the bills) Mrs. Clause probably has a paying job, too. Although we know her for her kindness, Mrs. Clause is also a smart, independent self-starter. Since she has to work seasonally and values family life above all else, however, I doubt that this job fully uses her considerable skills and training.

10. Mrs. Clause is married to a genuine hero. For Mrs. Clause and military wives alike it's worth all of the sacrifice to be married to someone you truly respect and admire.

Mrs. Clause assists Santa and encourages him in his meaningful work. Just as Santa performs his duty selflessly with an attitude that could best be described as ... well, jolly, Mrs. Clause also knows how to accentuate the positive. Surely Mrs. Clause is one of us, part of the special breed called the military wife.

Featured in Christmas Treasury!

Wow! I am so honored to be featured in another treasury this week!! Kaiaandme featured my Wintergreen Onxy and Chalcedony necklace in her cute treasury! Check her her treasury here!
Just in time for the chilly weather is my Wintergreen necklace! Still working on your Christmas shopping list? Take a peek in my shop for some fabulous ideas!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Treasury on Etsy!!

I am so grateful that the Etsy user PoseidonsBooty featured my Mini Dog Tags in her treasury!! She has such an amazing collection in her Treasury, it's completely focused on our troops! Her collections highlights some great pieces to honor our men and women in service overseas.
I've gotten so many requests for my personalized mini dog tags so far this year, don't miss out on a chance to own your own! You can purchase the Mini Dog Tags here in my Etsy shop by clicking here directly!